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This amp comes from the O'Malley private collection and has been given his official green pilot light of tone.

What does that mean? This amp was hand selected for restoration. Only the best parts were used (Sprague Atom & F&T Electrolytics) and the original tone stacks have been preserved. In other words, all the original "mojo" from the factory is still there. All original iron. The Output tubes are well matched. The pre-amp tubes have all been tested with a Maxi-Preamp tube tester and vetted for the best tone. This Bandmaster has been made the finest in can great shape, ready for years of killer tone.

Why else might I want this particular amp?

  • Super Clean, Super Original - all there (replaced parts included)
  • Original Iron
  • Original Speakers
  • It does everything a Bandmaster is supposed to do. The tremolo is fantastic. (tremolo plug included)
  • Extra long 3-prong power cord.
  • Piggyback hardware included.
  • Electrolytic caps replaced with premium.
  • Chassis interior cleaned. Pots and Jacks lubricated
  • High Quality Custom Amp Head Cover

Cosmetics and Condition

Please review the photos closely as they are a better descriptor than I.

There are scratches on the BF faceplate.  The black tolex covering has some small repairs, nicks, chaffing, and otherwise signs of life on the road.  The cabinet is solid.  The hardware appears to be all original with some pitting and rusting of the chrome components. The grill cloth has aged uniformly and doesn't have any significant rips or tears.  Original (replaced) parts are included with the amp.

1964 Fender Bandmaster 40-Watt 2-Channel 2x12" Piggyback Guitar Amp - Black Pane

$2,200.00 Regular Price
$1,980.00Sale Price
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