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2005 Diaz P-XX - SPECIAL - 1x10 combo / head / pre-amp


Own a piece of history. The P-XX boutique amp was designed by the Amp Dr. himself, Cesar Diaz. The "Special" version improves the popular design with additional headroom and features.

Don't let the size fool you. The 100% hand wired Diaz P-XX Special offers even more headroom than the P-XX, improving upon one of the most powerful, practical, efficient, and usable amps ever produced!


Ahead of its time, the P-XX Special clearly shows forward, creative thinking from one of the worlds greatest amp makers. The "Special" offers all the same tones as the P-XX with the addition of a foot switchable Mid Boost, Bass Cut, and Reverb. The boost and cut may also be engaged via the control panel push-pull knobs.



Based on their mutual quest for Holy Grail guitar tone, the previous owner had a strong relationship with Diaz.

This P-XX Special was started by Diaz and completed, after his passing, by long time friend and apprentice Peter McMahon (Homestead).

Since owning the amp, I have had the pleasure of meeting the folks that were friends of both Diaz, and the amps prior owner. I will not publish the back story, but it is clear to me, that this amp was built with all care, for a good friend of Mr. Diaz.


What's so special about the amp?


Designed by Cesar Diaz and built in his shop - Amp Tech for Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Neal Young and many more.


The amp is super small and lightweight, which may lead you to believe its a practice amp. NOPE! With the first note you will be amazed, wondering how in the world this small amp fills the room. That's what everyone says that hears it. Where is all the sound coming from?

That's not it though...


The tone - It's SRV in a box, plain and simple. Plug a Strat in and you will instantly realize how much of SRV's tone actually came from the amp he was using. It's stunning. Leave the pedals at home. Glassy tone and lush reverb are the amps standard.

Plug in your humbucker set up and the amp shines in a whole new way. Clearly the P-XX Special was designed for cut through the mix. It thrives with higher gain tones.


Versatility - This amp is a combo that coverts to a head only configuration. It also has a pre-amp 1/4" output that can directly connect to a PA via Direct Box. This amp is ready for any gig or recording setup. If you are a gigging musician, it doesn't get any easier than this. Leave the pedal board and heavy equipment home.


Quality - Fundamental to the design of a Diaz amp is the use of NOS vintage power transformers. The amp is 100% hand wired. Super solid pine cab.


Specs -

Build Location - East Stroudsburg, PA USA - Handwired

Wattage - Vintage 20Watt

PowerTubes- 2x6L6GC (5881)

Channels - 1 Channel

Voicing - Hi and Low gain input, Foot switchable, Bass Cut, Mid Boost and Reverb. Bass Cut and Mid Boost may also be activated via push pull knobs.

Speaker & Impedance - 10" Celestion Vintage 10 - G10 x 60 Watt- 8ohm

Weight - about 30.8 lbs

Dimensions - 20"L x 15.5"H x 8 3/4"W

Format: Combo convertible to Head or Pre-amp


Cosmetics & Condition -

  • Super clean, Excellent
  • Original Iron & no mods to the circuit.
  • Completely serviced - New F&T bias caps installed. Freshened grounds. Re-tubed & Bias
  • Tubes have been tested and optimized for low noise
  • Original Speaker
  • Please review the photos closely as they are a better descriptor than I.

The "iron" is all original (Power, Output, reverb driver, etc...). There is some oxidation on the front faceplate. The control faceplate has areas that show buff scratches...very minor. All wear is consistent with the amps age and use, but not abuse.  

The green tolex covering has some small nicks and chaffing, but is otherwise in great shape.  The cabinet is solid.  The hardware is all original. The speaker is original. The amp is super clean.

Take care and Thank you very much!


DEMO Link -


**Able to coordinate FREE local pickup if located in NOVA, DC, Baltimore Metro, South Central and Eastern PA. Just ask and we can try to work it out.**

If you have concerns about shipping, please consider my shops feedback. I put a ton of love, time and energy into these amps and want you to have a great experience. The amps don't leave until they are ready. It will be packaged well and shipped fully insured.

Diaz Amplification P-XX Special 2005 - Green Tolex


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