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1972 Fender Pro Reverb - Silverface 2x12 combo - Check out the Youtube fly-by below.


**Able to coordinate FREE local pickup if located in NOVA, DC, Baltimore Metro, South Central and Eastern PA. Just ask and we can try to work it out.**

If you have concerns about shipping, please consider my shops feedback. I put a ton of love, time and energy into these amps and want you to have a great experience. The amps don't leave until they are ready. It will be packaged well and shipped fully insured.


  • Original Iron & no mods to the circuit.
  • Completely serviced
  • Electrolytic caps have been replaced with premium Sprague
  • Tubes have been tested and optimized for low noise
  • Original tone circuit caps (mojo from the factory)
  • New solid baltic birch speaker grill (cover is original fabric)
  • Original Speakers
  • Strong Tremolo and Reverb circuits with no issues
  • Original (replaced) parts stay with the amp


Cosmetics and Condition

Please review the photos closely as they are a better descriptor than I.

The "iron" is all original (Power & Output Transformers, reverb driver, etc...). There are scratches and dimpling from use on the SF faceplate.  The black tolex covering has some small nicks, chaffing, but is in reasonably good shape.  The cabinet is solid.  The hardware appears to be all original with pitting and rusting of the chrome components. The speakers are original. The amp is super clean. THE classic Fender tone.


Original (replaced) parts stay with the amp.


Take care and Thank you very much!

1972 Fender Pro Reverb 2-Channel 40-Watt 2x12" Guitar Combo - Silverface

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